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We roast only the finest Arabica coffee beans, grown in Antigua high in the Guatemalan mountains.  It is shipped to us direct from the farm.  The coffee is stored in our purpose-built cold room, designed to keep the green coffee at its optimal temperature and humidity level.

Coffee is at its peak in flavour and aroma 24 to 48 hours after roasting. Ground, it is best to buy no more than you need for a week. Whole bean will taste fresher longer, but should be used within a couple of weeks of purchase. Both ground and whole bean should be stored in an air-tight container out of direct sunlight.

We roast only as much coffee as demand dictates, ensuring fresh coffee to fill each day's orders and to supply our walk in customers. We have the capacity to roast 90 pounds in an hour, so with little warning we can fill almost any size order.

Our first product was our "Island Roast", a medium roast often referred to as American Style or French Roast.  This coffee was not produced according to a recipe, but rather was developed based on the standard roasting guidelines which form the basis of all coffee roasting learning and education and our own preferences (also known as a lucky guess).  Most people find it a satisfying, medium strenght cup of coffee.

Once in operation, we began to get requests for a dark espresso type roast.  We were surprised at the number of people who asked for it.  In order to fill our customer's needs, we went back to the "lab" to experiment with dark roasts.  Again, on our very first try, we produced an exceptional espresso roast.  Despite several more attempts, we were unable to top that first roast profile.  Our "Belizean Roast" is in demand all over Belize and continues to grow in popularity.

As fate would have it, after roasting and filling our orders one day, we were left with about 1/2 pound of each of the two roasts and didn't quite know what to do with these "leftovers".  We decided to mix the two together and took the resulting blend home to try on ourselves (ah, the life of a lab rat).  The next morning we put on a pot of the experimental blend of Island and Belizean Roasts combined and the resulting brew was fantastic, as far as we were concerned it was better than either of its ingredients alone.  Our "Maya Blend" was born, and it is, by far, our most popular coffee.  The "Maya Blend" can be described as "serious" coffee, bold and full bodied, flavorful but smooth on the tastebuds leaving just a slightly nutty aftertaste.

In our first year of operation, there were several queries about whether we did, or planned to, sell decaffienated coffee. We were uncertain as to what demand there would be and were not in a position to order a lot of very expensive coffee beans only to have them sit in our storage room untouched.  The queries prompted us to order few bags of decaf with our regular annual coffee order just to see what sort of demand was out there.  Our "Island Decaf" was immediately a smash hit and in the first week that it was on the market we sold a full 1/3 if our supply.  Its popularity continues and orders continue to pour in.  Luckily, we have a reliable and helpful source of beans in Guatemala.  We called in a few favors and were able to secure a supply to replenish our stock until it is time to order green coffee beans from this year's harvest to fill our requirements for next year.

Our goal is to provide only quality fresh roasted coffee to the people and visitors of Ambergris Caye and Belize. We strive for excellence and welcome your comments and suggestions.


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